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The Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities established the established the Innovation and Economic Prosperity (IEP) Universities program to recognize institutions that are exemplary in their contributions to regional economic development through their work in economic engagement.

IEP universities are considered for special opportunities and events including national and international speaking engagements, tours of federal agencies/national organizations, and other initiatives undertaken by APLU and partner organizations to advance and elevate the profile higher education economic engagement. Also, designated institutions continue to learn and benefit from the program through the IEP Learning Exchange.

UEDA’s Role Benefits Our Members

There are currently more than 60 IEP-designated institutions, and thanks to the partnership between APLU and UEDA, all UEDA member campuses who are not members of APLU are now able to participate in the IEP Universities Program. Through UEDA+, all institutions of higher education ranging from private research universities to community colleges are eligible to pursue the IEP Universities Designation and engage with the IEP university community.

2020 Process and Important Dates for IEP Consideration

Review the IEP impact page, designation guidelines, and other details available at

Set up a call with APLU IEP Program staff and the UEDA Executive Director to receive the presidential letter of intent template and to discuss questions, participation objectives, and participation fees.

    1. Identify two campus administrators to serve as IEP Campus Contacts who will co-lead your IEP campus team. These individuals will be indicated in president/chancellor’s intent letter.
    2. Put together a team consisting of a diverse set of individuals who hold positions related to Talent and workforce development; Innovation, entrepreneurship and technology-based economic development; and Place development via community engagement, public service, and outreach & extension.
    3. Get buy-in from administration, including fees for Non-APLU members Optional: Attend the APLU CECE Summer Meeting in June, where the annual IEP Universities Workshop takes place.


IEP Universities Designee Webinar featuring Western Washington University:  Wednesday, June 17, 2020

UEDA will host a webinar featuring recent IEP Universities designee Western Washington University to provide insights into the designation process and the benefits the institution has experienced both during and after completion of the program.

Fall Deadline: Thursday October 1, 2020

Presidents and Chancellors submit the letter of intent to UEDA President and Executive Director by the deadline.

The primary contact will receive an agreement for signature and an invoice for program participation.

Participate in the orientation session at the APLU Annual Meeting in November.First cohort Web Workshop takes place in December.

Optional: Attend the next year’s APLU CECE Summer Meeting in June, where the annual IEP Universities Workshop takes place.

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