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UEDA Summit Will Be In Person September 19-21, 2021

The UEDA Summit committee and Board have considered various formats for this year’s Summit, and we are excited to announce this year’s Summit will be an in-person event held on September 19-20, 2021 in Savannah, Georgia! We are working with local and government officials to adhere to all safety and federal guidelines as outlined by health experts.


Get full access to UEDA’s network and resources to help establish your institution of higher education as a driver of economic development in your community.

The University Economic Development Association connects our members—higher education institutions, private sector businesses, and economic development organizations—to resources that facilitate economic growth in their communities.

UEDA members represent those on the cutting-edge of modern economic development. The 21st-century economy has evolved into an entity that behaves much differently from its predecessors. Attracting established industry into your town is no longer a reliable route to prosperity.

Success in our modern economy is about innovation and entrepreneurship. It is about fostering talent in young people from preschool through life to embolden them to think and create outside the traditional academic or professional requirements. It is about creating environments that attract those people who want to make and do things in new ways and retains that talent  to start the process over again in the next generation.

Never before have academia, the private sector, and economic stakeholders been so reliant on one another to create economic opportunity. UEDA members work together to expand economic opportunity in their communities and regions by leveraging talent, innovation and place, and recognizing the interconnectedness of each of these elements.

UEDA’s focus on talent, our economy’s human capital, encourages higher education to take a more cradle-to-grave approach in identifying and fostering students at all levels so they grow to be contributors to and leaders of further economic growth.



UEDA members are committed to encouraging innovation, creative problem solving, and entrepreneurship to encourage similar economic opportunities in their communities.



UEDA encourages institutions to be active members and contribute to vibrant communities where people want to live and work to lay a strong foundation for ongoing economic success.


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ARENI Logistics RFP

ARENI Logistics RFP

In partnership with Virginia Tech (VT), UEDA has been funded by the Economic Development Administration (EDA) to develop national networks focused on addressing economic resiliency and equity and convene EDA University Centers to advance regions. Elevating these ideas...

UEDA Report – Ecosystems Design Network

UEDA Report – Ecosystems Design Network

Momentum: UEDA and Economic Development Ecosystems Ecosystem Design Network Report Funded by the Lemelson Foundation to strengthen ecosystems by exploring the roles, resources and players needed to successfully drive innovation economies, the project, a pilot of...

Now Open: RFP to Host the 2023 and 2024 UEDA Summit

Now Open: RFP to Host the 2023 and 2024 UEDA Summit

We are now accepting proposals to host UEDA’s 2023 and 2024 annual Summits and looking for our members to open up their cities and regions to our international network. The UEDA Summit brings together experts in leveraging college and university resources for greater...

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When you join UEDA, every individual within your organization enjoys the benefits of being a member. Memberships are organized by branch campus and structured based on the Carnegie Classifications system. Each organization, has only one voting affiliate individual, which we call an Ambassador.

Awards of Excellence

The Awards of Excellence are given in recognition of outstanding economic development initiatives, research, or accomplishments. Proposals are submitted to the Awards of Excellence committee who choose the finalists. The finalists then present their projects at the Annual Summit, where attendees choose category leaders.

UEDA Summit

Each year, higher education institutions and their affiliates compete for our prestigious Awards of Excellence, which recognize outstanding, leading-edge higher education projects and initiatives promoting economic development and engagement.

Foundations for Strategy and Practice

The Foundations publication is meant to inspire institutions to reinvent the relevant college or university for the 21st century and to think more comprehensively about how economic development and engagement activities connect to each other and to an institution’s core mission activities.

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