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UEDA’s international membership includes more than 160 colleges and universities, private industries, local governments, economic development organizations, federal agencies, manufacturing partnerships, workforce development organizations, and financial institutions. These organizations and institutions are driving modern economic engagement and providing leadership to their regions and communities every day. Each stakeholder group brings their own perspective and ideas to UEDA, and as such each is vital to our continued success.

Organization Membership

This membership is for all singular higher education institutions, nonprofit organizations, private sector businesses, and municipalities. This membership provides benefits to all employees at your physical location or campus branch and includes one voting member to UEDA.

Ecosystem Membership

This membership is for multiple organizations wishing to join UEDA. Ecosystems are groups or collaboratives working together to drive economic development. Ecosystems can include regional collaboratives, university systems, or any other group that naturally works together. 

The ecosystem membership includes a lead organization who can add any combination of additional organizations or individuals. All organizations receive membership benefits for all employees at their physical location or branch. Individuals can be added on their own, but receive limited benefits to membership. All ecosystem memberships will be reviewed by UEDA.

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