University Economic Development Association


2023 Summit

October 8 - 10, 2023


 Theme: Innovating for a Sustainable Future

2022 UEDA Summit Speaker

Nigel LeBlanc

Nigel LeBlanc

Founder and CEO of Cyber Warrior Network

I’ve proudly served in the US Air Force since 1999 & been fortunate to return home safely after 3 tours in Iraq & Afghanistan. I served 10 yrs on Active Duty & the last 11 in the Reserve. My personal goal is to be the best husband, dad, brother & friend that I can possibly be. I’m also an entrepreneur and driven by solving big problems thus, my mission is to create a sustainable cybersecurity pipeline to solve the global cyber shortage crisis. My journey began in 2014, while serving as the Cyber Veteran Program Manager for the State of Maryland.

I’m a technologist & futurist by nature, so looking at the future of recruiting, training & retaining top cyber talent, we created a game with an algorithm that validates cybersecurity knowledge, skills and abilities KSAs) & match players to fill real-world jobs. Our initial algorithm validated KSAs using the NICE 2.0 Framework to any military MOS & AFSC. We’ve improved the algorithm also validate skill sets and match the game scenarios & challenges to the Cyber Kill Chain and Mitre Att&CK Framework.
We’ve positioned Cyber Warrior Network to be the First Cybersecurity League; thus making it the most effective/innovative way to attract, discover, recruit, train & retain cyber talent in both the Web3 and Metasphere domains of the future.

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