University Economic Development Association

Jim Woodell & Company

Dr. James (Jim) K. Woodell has been working in higher education for more than thirty years to help colleges and universities realize their full potential as drivers of economic and social prosperity in their communities. Using his expertise and skill sets, Jim focuses on creating plans and building partnerships between the institutions and their current and prospective partners in the private, civic, and government sectors.
Jim builds his approach to demonstrating higher education’s economic and community impact on four pillars: partnershipsstructures, measures, and narratives.
He supports this strategy and his clients by offering a range of services, including:
  • Benchmarking and Research – Learn from what other institutions and their partners are doing, and from analyses of current or recent programs and initiatives.
  • Planning and Advising – Benefit from Jim’s experience in working with institutions of higher education across the U.S. and across higher education sectors, and his expert interpersonal, mentoring, and writing skills.
  • Facilitation – Engage institutional leaders, faculty, and other audiences in dynamic and results-focused talks, workshops, and meetings.
  • Writing – Communicate your plans and outcomes with well-researched, responsive, and expertly-written content.
  • Impementation – Move from ideas to action quickly and with agility, based on a solid foundation of action planning and solutions design.
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