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Calling all Manufacturers & Those Who Work with Manufacturers

Our friends at Jobs for the Future (JFF), a non-profit focused on economic mobility and access, are bringing augmented reality to advanced manufacturing businesses along with help from Facebook. JFF is running a pilot study this spring through the summer with businesses throughout the country. They are currently seeking more manufacturers for the pilot from the UEDA community.

Do you know a manufacturer who is:

  • An Advanced Manufacturing business with a need for or interest in solutions to increase the skills and efficiency of their frontline workforce, such as making standard operating procedures easier to use or making expert help more accessible
  • A business with up to 500 employees
  • A businesses with approximately 10 or more employees who can and would use an AR solution regularly throughout a typical working week
  • Familiar with smartphones and/or tablets; ideally, these devices are already used in the regular flow of work
  • Able to allocate one “champion” in the business to be the main contact and advocate for the pilot within the business
  • Stable, high speed internet on site, where several users can simultaneously use a single or multiple connections
  • Believe that employee success and retention are at the center of business growth

Augmented reality solutions have been found to reduce technician training time by 80% and assembly time by 20%. This particular opportunity is valued at over $10,000 per 10 employees per business and is a great opportunity for your businesses to get to know this technology, strengthen quality, decrease training costs and increase productivity with minimal risk. All costs will be covered by JFF and support will be provided.

To express your interest contact Jordan Lin directly at Her contact information is also available in the attached PDFs below.

What is Augmented Reality?
Augmented reality is a technology that presents digital information, such as data and images, on top of what we see around us (reality) using a device like a smartphone, tablet, or smart glasses. Watch manufacturers utilize Upskill while working on a Boeing airplane during demo of digital work instructions using Skylight smart glasses.

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