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Georgia Southern Fabrication Laboratory

Award Category: Talent + Place
Submitted By: Georgia Southern University, Business Innovation Group
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The Georgia Southern University FabLab provides support and facilities for makers to prototype and develop innovative solutions to their community or business challenges which drives small business generation and cultivates talented individuals to produce a fertile bed for innovation. To support the technical challenges of innovation, the FabLab creates avenues for motivated – but unskilled – individuals to learn and leverage industry-changing technologies like CNC machining and 3D printing.

Through education and community outreach, the FabLab has come to serve as a community hub where individuals can come to find FabLab members to help them complete any manner of project. The unique blend of local business persons, students, community leaders, and makers has enabled the FabLab to produce and support three distinct new businesses in the past year, cumulatively creating 14 new jobs and thousands of dollars of local economic activity, as well as supporting our local and statewide medical facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic by producing face shields and masks.

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