University Economic Development Association


When You Join UEDA

…every individual within your organization enjoys the benefits of being a member. Memberships are organized by branch campus and structured based on the Carnegie Classifications system. Each organization, has only one voting affiliate individual, which we call an Ambassador.

The following table explains the various membership types. Please choose one and complete the associated form to become a member.

Membership Type Benefits Cost
Institution Membership (single campus or organization or company
  • One voting affiliate individual
  • Unlimited non-voting affiliate individuals
System / Consortium Membership (multiple campuses or collaboratives)
  • One voting affiliate individual for the system / consortium
  • Unlimited non-voting affiliate individuals for the system / consortium
  • Add up to three additional campuses / consortium members, each with one voting affiliate individual and unlimited non-voting affiliate individuals
  • Additional campuses / consortium members may be added at a cost of $375 per campus / entity (each with 1 voting affiliate and unlimited non-voting affiliate individuals per)
email us for System Memberships
Sole Proprietor
Membership (for-profit companies with only one employee)
  • One voting affiliate individual
Student Membership
  • Non-voting member
Should be added as part of an institution’s membership.

Billing and Renewals

UEDA membership billing is broken into quarterly payments to defer the upfront cost. Please contact for invoices and payments.

University Economic Development Association

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216.200.UEDA (8332)