Our Membership

Our Membership

Successful 21st Century economic development requires creative partnerships that embrace innovation and collaboration. The University Economic Development Association (UEDA) convenes a critical cross-section of organizations from higher education, the private sector, and the international economic development arena to explore and advance key economic development issues and build creative partnerships through higher levels of university engagement in the economic development process. UEDA is the premier organization for university-based economic development partnerships and our focus is to connect our university communities with public agencies and the private sector to collaborate, innovate, and fuel 21st Century economic development.

UEDA’s membership includes colleges and universities, private industries, local governments, economic development organizations, federal agencies, manufacturing partnerships, workforce development organizations, and financial institutions. UEDA provides a unique forum for members to:

  • Share Best Practices;
  • Promote Research;
  • Connect with Peer Institutions;
  • Network with National and International Program and Policy Professionals; and
  • Contribute to a Community Addressing University-based Economic Development.

UEDA Higher Education & Research Organization Members

UniversityHigher education institutions, research centers, federal labs, and affiliate organizations represent the fuel for the modern economy: Talent, Innovation, and Place. Together, these resources form the core of UEDA membership. They create new businesses, reinvent legacy industries, and strengthen the communities these institutions call home. Colleges, universities, and related organizations join UEDA to share best practices, expand domain expertise, and build new partnerships with private industry, government agencies, and the economic development community. Join UEDA now!

UEDA Economic Development Organization Members

IndustryEconomic development organizations often serve as intermediaries among higher education, the private sector, and government.  In today’s knowledge-based economy, universities and economic development organizations work hand-in-hand to apply specialized financing tools, define new performance metrics, accelerate university spinoffs, and engage in place-based strategies required to attract and retain young professional talent. UEDA has successfully recognized communities that excel at leveraging town-gown partnerships by highlighting the technical resources and approaches that help make them happen. This recognition attracts international attention and can lead to greater business investment, market sustainability, and higher real estate values. Join UEDA now to gain access to and network with innovation-minded, collaborative higher education institutions across the country.

UEDA Private Sector Members

CommunityThe private sector has always partnered with universities for research, talent, and technology resources. In today’s economy, private sector experts in planning, engineering, R&D, finance, and real estate development are increasing their engagement with higher education institutions to adequately prepare the next generation of employees, increase their competitive edge for federal funds, license and commercialize technologies, and advance campus development projects. UEDA works to facilitate private sector connections with higher education through networking events, summits, expositions, technical programming, and sharing best practices.

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