UEDA 2021


September 19 - 22, 2021



Transformation: Forward Thinking in a Changing World


2021 UEDA Summit Speakers

Rosanna Cruz-Bibb

Rosanna Cruz-Bibb

Archway Professional, UGA Archway Partnership

Rosanna Cruz-Bibb has been with the Archway Partnership for nine years. She currently serves as the Archway Professional in Hart County. Prior to this position, she was the program coordinator for Archway, and previous to that served as a graduate student for the  Partnership. She is a doctoral student in the Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communications. Her research focuses on the production and consumption of feminism in romance novels.

Rosanna earned her Master of Public Administration with concentrations in health policy and local government management. Her experience in public relations and nonprofit work has helped her specialize in community-based public relations initiatives in Archway communities throughout her tenure at Archway.





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