UEDA 2021


September 19 - 22, 2021



Transformation: Forward Thinking in a Changing World


2021 UEDA Summit Speakers

Matt Colvin

Matt Colvin

Director of Economic Development, University of Georgia

Matt is currently the director of economic development at the University of Georgia. He connects UGA’s research expertise with economic development efforts that help communities across Georgia.

He previously served as executive director of economic development for the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia where he served as a top advisor to the Chancellor, the Board of Regents, and USG institutions on economic development matters. He was also the USG liaison to various economic development stakeholders including the state’s utility sector, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, and various corporate partners across Georgia to ensure that the University System is aligned with the business community to produce an educated workforce for both today and into the future.

Matt received Bachelor’s degrees in Political Science and Broadcast News, and a Masters of Business Administration degree from UGA. His interests in higher education research include continuous improvement strategies for higher education administration as well as competency-based learning and professional education.





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