University Economic Development Association

Measuring the Shared Value of Anchor Community Engagement

June 5, 2014 – 1-2 p.m. ET

WhatWorksWebinar-Artwork2Anchor institutions play a significant role in the local economy due to purchasing power, real estate investments, employment and a long-term interest in seeing their local communities thrive. Hospitals and universities are obvious community anchors and some, such as the University of Pennsylvania, have initiated ground-breaking community development strategies.

However, other organizations, such as corporations and sports teams, may not embrace their anchor status or know how to leverage their strengths for the mutual benefit of their organization and their community.

Understanding and measuring the shared value of anchor strategies—the positive impact on the community and the positive returns to the anchor—may strengthen the investment these organizations make in their communities.

WhatWorksWebinar-ArtworkJoin ICIC for a What Works Webinar to discuss best practice approaches for measuring the impact of anchor institutions. Gain actionable insights that will include:

  • How a community and an anchor institution can benefit from shared value strategies
  • How shared value anchor strategies differ from corporate social responsibility
  • Useful metrics for measuring community impact
  • Metrics for analyzing the return to anchors
  • The benefits and challenges associated with collecting and publicizing impact data
Featured presenters:

Kim Zeuli, Senior Vice President and Director of Research and Advisory Practice, ICIC
Ted Howard, Founder and Executive Director, The Democracy Collaborative
Anthony Sorrentino, Executive Director, Office of the Executive Vice President, University of Pennsylvania

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