University Economic Development Association

The Journal of Economic Development in Higher Education [tentative title]

UEDA-AvatarThe University Economic Development Association (UEDA) seeks a volunteer editor for its new publication, tentatively entitled the Journal of Economic Development in Higher Education. Set to launch in September 2015, the Journal will advance the study of university-led economic development, which examines the ways in which institutions of higher education foster the global competitiveness of their regions through human capital formation; research and innovation; and the creation of knowledge-centric, mixed-use communities and innovation districts. Click here for the complete position description and application instructions.

About the Journal

The Journal will be an online, peer-reviewed journal published twice a year (September and March) using the IUScholarworks software developed by the Indiana University. UEDA expects that each volume will contain 10-20 articles.

The Journal will accept opinion pieces; articles on new frameworks, theories, or concepts; data-driven research articles; program evaluations, and/or qualitative or quantitative case studies that highlight or analyze the role played by institutions of higher education[1] in:

  • Promoting economic development, innovation, and entrepreneurship, especially through interdisciplinary initiatives and public-private partnerships;
  • Improving the impact, reach, and applicability of the institution’s research—and improving the impact and reach of other strategic niches of expertise—to enhance institutional and regional competitiveness;
  • Applying basic and applied research to solve an industry’s—or the region’s—most pressing challenges;
  • Leveraging institutional research and other resources to accelerate business formation and growth, develop new products and services, and/or link local businesses to the global economy through foreign investment or trade;
  • Engaging and linking elements of their region’s innovation ecosystem;
  • Developing and implementing solutions to their region’s human capital and workforce needs;
  • Facilitating access by various constituents to information or institutional resources; and
  • Creating knowledge-centric, mixed-use communities and innovation districts that serve as economic development nodes.

The journal also seeks submissions addressing the theoretical underpinnings on exactly why and how university-led economic development benefits society.

[1] For the purposes of this journal, institutions of higher education include community colleges, 4-year colleges, universities, consortiums of these types of entities, or affiliated institutions with an economic development mission, to include university-hosted Small Business Development Center, business incubators, business accelerators, research and technology parks, etc.