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UEDA+ Program

UEDA+ Savings & Access Program

The UEDA+ program is of UEDA and our partner organizations to provide an enhanced membership experience for UEDA members through discounted products and services.  This partnership makes valuable resources available to our members working to overcome regional challenges and create positive change in economic development through institutions of higher education.

Through this partnership, we seek mutual growth by engaging in collaborative marketing efforts. This relationship allows our partners to access a wider and more diverse network of individuals and organizations, as well as an increased audience in which to market to. 

We plan to support each partnership with the following:

Exhibit space at the Summit

UEDA hosts an Annual summit to laud the endeavors and projects that its members have been pursuing. Partners will be able to have exhibit space at this event to market.

Website advertising for UEDA+ partner organizations.

UEDA will designate space on our new website to advertise our partnership and the products and services that partners offer.

Two exclusive partner sponsored Webinars per year.

 Partner organizations will have their logo shown on the title slide and have a 150 word-description read to listening audience.

Two exclusive partner sponsored emails per year.

Create two emails, at any time, to send to the UEDA members to tell them about current promotions that are happening within their organization or to alert members to what their organization is doing.

Contributions to the UEDA members only e-newsletter.

Partners can add content to the e-newsletter to tell them about current promotions that are happening within their organization or to alert members to what their organization is doing.

Current UEDA+ partner, Jim Woodell says, “As a UEDA+ partner, I’ve had the opportunity to grow my business through added visibility and access to UEDA members, and the opportunity to deepen my engagement in this invaluable professional community.”

To learn more, or for questions about the program, contact UEDA at

On behalf of its members, the University Economic Development Association has created partnerships and negotiated special deals and discounts from relevant economic development providers to increase the value of membership.

We have partnered with several private sector companies and organizations who are leaders in their fields. They span a great deal of expertise that can help you achieve your goals. Check out: Association of Public & Land Grant Universities, McAllister & Quinn, Jim Woodell, Agile Strategy Lab, Hockey Stick.

The UEDA+ program offers a wide variety of programs though its partners. Currently, UEDA+ offers:

  • Grant writing services
  • Internal funding opportunities
  • Efficient data collection and reporting service and faculty training sessions
  • Programs to help learn where employees best serve their organizations
  • Focused interpretations of the societal and economic impacts that your organization makes
  • An in depth look at how you play a role in complex organizational systems
  • Extensive data management
  • Special designations can be earned through commitment to engagement of economic development

The partner organizations will be available to you throughout the year through different mediums. They will be presenting webinars, contributing to the e-newsletter, and through sponsored emails. Most importantly, the partner organizations will be at the Annual Summit!

To take advantage of the UEDA+ program, please visit You may go to the Member Value tab and click on the UEDA+ program in the dropdown bar, you will be able to access a more in depth and comprehensive information of what each partnership has to offer.  

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Innovation & Economic Prosperity University Designation

Association of Public and Land Grant Universities (APLU)

The Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU) is a research, policy, and advocacy organization dedicated to strengthening and advancing the work of public universities in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

APLU established the Innovation and Economic Prosperity (IEP) Universities program to recognize institutions that are exemplary in their contributions to regional economic development through their work in economic engagement.

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Collaboration, Engagement, & Measurement

Jim Woodell & Company

Institutions of higher education are facing increased expectations around connecting their work to the economy and society. Jim can help through his service offerings.

Jim Woodell helps higher education institutions and their partners deepen, strengthen, and convey their economic and societal impact. Jim focuses on critical factors for defining and achieving outcomes in multiple impact domains.


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Uncovering A University’s Value

Beacon Economics

Universities, by their very nature, create substantial but often overlooked societal impacts in the form of returns to education, community development, construction projects, community/charity outreach, and R&D and grants. Beacon Economics LLC is an independent research firm that specializes in quantifying and revealing the full economic, fiscal, and social impact of a university’s activity and public engagement.

Our analyses take a comprehensive, holistic approach to fully capture the added value of institutions of higher learning and their contributions to economic growth while effectively demonstrating that value to key stakeholders.

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