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Attracting an Innovative Workforce

Higher education is at the forefront of the three key components it takes to build a successful business in the 21st century economy: innovation, talent and place. Institutions in your community inherently attract bright talent that could become your work force; encourage creative problem solving and new concepts that fuel a growing economy; and create physical lab and research spaces that are often available for research and development partnerships.

Our members from the private sector rely on engagement with higher education to grow their businesses. Whether consulting with institutions on economic development strategy or looking to higher education as partners to identify innovation and talent, the first step is starting a dialogue.

UEDA connects its members to help maximize higher education’s role in offering innovative ideas and the brightest talent to its partners in the community.

Why Join UEDA

UEDA members from private industry join to identify partners with whom to conduct research, develop talent and technology, and increase their competitive edge. If your organization has questions, UEDA can help find answers.

Top Three UEDA Benefits for Private Industry

  • Collaboration with UEDA members and peers, especially with a presence as a sponsor or presenter at our Annual Summit
  • Full access to our knowledge network will help keep your organization abreast of best practices
  • Increased engagement via a UEDA+ partnership

Types of Private Industry Members

  • There are commonly two types of UEDA members from private industry:
    1. Service and product providers that intersect with higher education, such as economic development consultants, business development, and presidents/CEOs of consulting firms.
    2. Companies that are focused on work force improvement, community or business engagement, community relations, or government affairs.
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