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Spreading Knowledge

Community colleges, colleges, universities, research centers, federal labs, and affiliate organizations are the core of our membership. As drivers of innovation, they join UEDA to share best practices, expand domain expertise, and build new partnerships with private industry, government agencies, and the economic development community.

One of the most common hurdles our higher education members identify is the feeling of working within a silo in their own small area or in a localized region, and they are not able to take advantage of the large network of institutions focused on the same goals in other parts of the world.

UEDA connects our members and brings an international voice that broadens the conversation.

Then there is the challenge of attracting, developing and retaining talent in the communities in which the institutions live. Part of the solution there is being able to attract the right talent by telling the right story.

UEDA provides resources to our members to tell their stories to a much larger audience, while simultaneously building economic development strategies directly into their storyline.

Why Join UEDA

UEDA is built around higher education’s role in economic development. Much of our focus is on helping higher education institutions succeed in these efforts, and offer tools custom created for higher ed to engage their community.

Top Three UEDA Benefits for Higher Education

Types of Higher Education Members

Once an institution is a member, anyone who is interested may take advantage of UEDA’s membership benefits and participate in our events. The following list is a sample of titles from among our active higher education institution members:

  • President
  • Chancellor
  • Vice President for Research and Innovation
  • Director of Strategic Partnerships
  • Director of Government Relations
  • Dean
  • Professor
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