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Economic Development

Intersecting Technology & Community

Economic development organizations work hand-in-hand with higher education to advance our modern knowledge-based economy. UEDA has successfully recognized communities that excel at leveraging town-and-gown partnerships by highlighting the technical resources and approaches that help make them happen. This recognition attracts international attention and can lead to greater business investment, market sustainability, and higher real estate values.

Our economic development organization members face the challenge of creating places that are attractive options for long-term residency, which leads to long-term survival of the community. The foundation of their success is built upon creating jobs.

UEDA cultivates innovation and talent to help build a modern thriving economy.

From the perspective of a 21st century economy, much of the driving force behind new economic opportunities comes from higher education institutions, but often economic development organizations are unsure where to start these conversations.

UEDA connects its members to help maximize higher education’s role in creating a sense of place in their community through economic development initiatives.

Why Join UEDA?

Economic development organizations that join UEDA have an international pool of institutions with whom they can collaborate to identify creative economic opportunities.

Top Three UEDA Benefits for Economic Development Organizations

  • Collaborate with UEDA members and peers
  • Discounted registration to Annual Summit, symposia and webinars, with the possibility of being a presenter
  • Unlimited access to viewing and posting opportunities to the UEDA job board

Types of Economic Development Members

UEDA members of this type include:

  • Chambers of commerce
  • Workforce investment boards
  • Economic development organizations
  • Business developers
  • Placemaking strategists
  • Urban planners
  • Economic development specialists
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