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The FAU Innovation & Business Development (FAU I&BD) branch, under FAU’s Division of Research, has brought innovation, talent, expansion, and entrepreneurship under one “umbrella”, of resources and services to the region, which spans over 150 miles. FAU’s I&BD has created eleven (11) outreach locations (hubs) throughout the region to support underrepresented and minority groups within our communities. This branch provides access to curated programming and resources in centralized and remote areas of Palm Beach, Broward, and St. Lucie County.

FAU I&BD hubs are a continuum of economic development and entrepreneurial services and resources that help businesses imagine, build, scale, expand and thrive. FAU I&BD programs include but are not limited to: the Market Validation Workshop, a community-based course dedicated to helping entrepreneurs define their product-market fit; The Grassroots Initiative in partnership with the Hispanic Serving Initiative providing professional development training to the Latin community; The Adams Center for Entrepreneurship, which hosts the Entrepreneurial Bootcamp in English and in Spanish; and The Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at FAU and the Procurement Technical Assistance Center supports the entrepreneur’s journey through international trade, market growth and government contracting under the expansion phase. FAU I&BD collaborates with FAU Research Park and Global Ventures at FAU, which provide the soft-landing designation to the 11 outreach hubs.

The FAU I&BD initiatives are well equipped and well positioned to serve its region and engage in civic innovations. This branch provides equitable access to entrepreneurial training and workshops for any entrepreneur at any stage of development.

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