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Sustainable Ocean Systems (SOS)

Award Category: Place + Innovation
Submitted By: University of Hawaii Pacific Business Center Program
Contact: Failautusi Avegalio, Director, 808.741.2494


The World Economic Global Risk Report Forum Warns of World Water Crisis Global Impact.

 The University of Hawaii Multi-Purpose Business Incubator project partners with private businesses to address Pacific Islands economic development challenges towards self-reliance and economic prosperity, presents a compelling solution to meet a regional if not a global need. 

Sustainable Oceans Systems (SOS) utilizes a patented technology for deep water harvesting, processing, disinfection, and containerization. This vessel will desalinate up to 1 million gallons of drinking water per day without the negative environmental impacts normally associated with brine discharge from coastal desalination facilities, that can also be used for agricultural, industry and emergency fire-fighting needs as a mobile coastal and river water source. SOS systems can be built, deployed, and operated on a vessel designed to be a drinking water solution for people, agricultural and economic development in remote islands, coastal communities/villages and rural areas.

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