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Award Category: Talent
Submitted By: Indiana University East
Contact: Timothy Scales, Director, 765.973.8620


The CEOs (Cash Equals Opportunities) is a program designed by a small group (3) university students and their mentor to teach students k-12 about financial literacy, and more importantly, how to save. The university students are the CEOs and they developed the curriculum, they teach the curriculum, they schedule the schools and they create assessment to evaluate student success and engagement. The classroom curriculum includes information about financial institutions, the history of banking, savings accounts, checking accounts and the CEO Method for saving and spending. The program includes kahoots (online financial trivia) which provides the students an engaging opportunity to win cash. In addition to the K-12 curriculum, the CEOs created a Cash Hunch game utilized on campus to gain the attention of university students. Each week the CEOs change the value of the shredded cash in the glass jar for other students to guess the amount in the jar, around $2,600 – $5,000 throughout the semester. The third component of the CEO program involves interviewing professional CEOs and leaders of organizations. Dealing with the COVID-19, The CEOs have created electronic versions of the Cash Equals Opportunity program to be teaching students even when we cannot be together.

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