University Economic Development Association



Award Category: Innovation
Project Site: NCGrowth
Submitted By: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Contact: Carolyn Fryberger, Assistant Director of Economic Development, 919.843.7553


NCGrowth is a university center at UNC Chapel Hill that helps businesses and communities create good jobs and equitable opportunities through applied research and technical assistance. With a passionate staff and a dynamic pool of graduate student analysts, we partner with businesses, communities, governments and other organizations to tackle outcome-based economic development and entrepreneurship projects. NCGrowth is funded by the Frank Hawkins Kenan Institute of Private Enterprise, US Economic Development Administration, US Department of Agriculture, The SunTrust Foundation, NC IDEA, The NC Policy Collaboratory, and Z Smith Reynolds Foundation. Since 2012 NCGrowth has helped to create hundreds of jobs and worked with over 150 business and community clients. Learn more about our projects at