University Economic Development Association


UNCG + HQ Greensboro: Connecting the Under-connected to Catalyze the Innovation Ecosystem


UNCG + HQ Greensboro connects under-connected students, faculty, businesses and community members in downtown Greensboro to help build a culture of inclusive innovation.   The platform builds on UNCG’s 5C Principles for Economic Engagement: Connect, Convene, Catalyze, Capacity Build, Create.

The university was an early driver and champion of HQ Greensboro, a privately developed, 11,000 square-foot, shared workspace in a 120 year old building designed to empower, foster, and cultivate companies that produce long-term job growth and positive social impact.  UNCG partnered with nearby North Carolina A&T State University to launch a joint University Engagement Office (UEO) there that brings university resources such as UNCG’s Office of Research & Economic Development (ORED) and North Carolina Entrepreneurship Center (NCEC) into the community.  UNCG’s Office of Innovation Commercialization (OIC) leases a second office at HQ Greensboro for university spinout organizations.

UNCG has a played a key role in helping to bring new energy and economic development to downtown Greensboro.  HQ Greensboro is now the venue of choice for many university-led entrepreneurship and innovation initiatives.  The vibrant and open atmosphere there results in numerous “happy collisions” that come from serendipitous interactions between people from public, private and education sectors.

The impact of UNCG’s presence downtown far exceeded expectations by all stakeholders within the first year.  247 faculty/staff members from more than 20 different campus units, 305 students and 477 individuals from business, non-profit and civic organizations participated in UNCG led initiatives at HQ Greensboro, resulting in numerous new partnerships, programs, funding and career opportunities.