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The Energy Institute at the Powerhouse Energy Campus

Award Category: Place + Innovation
Project Site: The Energy Institute at the Powerhouse Energy Campus
Submitted By: Colorado State University
Contact: Paula Mills , 970.491.3883


Colorado State University’s Energy Institute at the Powerhouse Energy Campus is one of the nation’s top academic laboratories, a showcase of clean energy research and technology known for its unique interdisciplinary approach to global problem-solving.

Driven by visionary leadership and an entrepreneurial spirit, the virtual institute unites 12 affiliated centers and eight colleges under a single mission to grow the impact, reach and reputation of energy education and research at CSU.  The Powerhouse Campus is a physical manifestation of the university’s investment and commitment in this field as a leading model of collaborative space, green construction and integrated design.

An emphasis on student-centered experiential learning has distinguished the institute as an educational innovator and fostered a robust startup community in clean energy technologies.  EnviroFit International is a notable example of a student-founded social enterprise that has brought transformative energy solutions to the developing world.

The university’s leadership in clean energy was instrumental in catalyzing a collaborative culture of innovation in Fort Collins, prompting recognition of the city by the Smithsonian Institution as the contemporary example of six “Places of Invention” throughout American history.

The collective impact of the Energy Institute and its affiliated centers is vast and diverse, encompassing job and business creation, commercialization of groundbreaking technologies, and the delivery of energy savings and health benefits to local and global communities.