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Santa Fe Community College Training Center Corporation

Award Category: Innovation + Talent
Project Site: Santa Fe Community College Training Center Corporation
Submitted By: Santa Fe Community College
Contact: Luke Spangenburg , 505.428.1807


Integrated within instructional programs at Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) that are currently collaborating with the National Science Foundation, Department of Energy, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, and developing new programs that articulate to in- and out-of-state universities, the Training Center Corporation (TCC) is established to support entrepreneurial activities.  The TCC commercialization enterprise empowers local innovation, creates high-paying, technology-based jobs; and foster an environment of entrepreneurship and continued higher education in Santa Fe.  TCC economic development initiatives diversify the local/regional economy by leveraging relationships and supporting start-up ventures from the neighboring national laboratories by further connecting them with an academic and entrepreneurial environment that fosters innovation and is known for creativity.  The primary goals of the TCC are to substantially expose students and graduates to opportunities in a new economic venue that strengthens and empowers our community.

In the 2015-2016 academic year the TCC created six private-sector ventures that are uniquely embedded in SFCC instructional programs in a manner that provides numerous hands-on internships and on-the-job training for new workers. The TCC houses entrepreneurs in the fields of advanced biotechnology, bio-manufacturing, neuroscience and agro-technology. Innovation-centered, these companies are focusing on next-generation solutions for the food-energy-water and health care nexus. It is anticipated that by 2018 the TCC will be providing 14 full time jobs, 12 new hands-on, paid internship opportunities annually created through these new companies each year. By 2020 the TCC will have added 70 or more paid positions to the Santa Fe economy.