Engagement Administrator

Colorado State University, Energy Institute
Fort Collins, CO
Date Posted:  March 5, 2024

This position will serve as the Executive Director of the Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory and manage direct external engagement activities relating to energy and sustainability identified by the leadership of the three member universities and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory is a research consortium of four research institutions:

  • Colorado School of Mines (Mines)
  • Colorado State University (CSU)
  • University of Colorado Boulder (CU
  • National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

It is the intention of Collaboratory leadership to broaden participation and workforce development efforts during the next year.

The person in this position will work with external and internal partners to build collaborative working relationships in energy research, economic development, and workforce development. In addition to the research institutions, the position will work with community colleges, NGOs, philanthropic organizations, industry, and industry associations. This position will serve as an ambassador for all the Collaboratory institutions. Responsibilities will include providing assessment, management, evaluation, and accountability; developing and nurturing strategic partnerships, alliances, and collaborations; and representing the Collaboratory partners through networking. This position makes regular, ongoing financial decisions, operational decisions, budgeting, planning, and directing in their duties including decisions pertaining to contracts and other day-to-day operations, tracks and approves spending, delegation of duties to employees, and exercises supervisory decisions pertaining to hourly or salaried employees and others.