University Economic Development Association

The inaugural Ecosystem Technology Showcase will take place during our Annual Summit and feature companies who support entrepreneurial ecosystems, produce tech in the economic development space, and empower educational institutions. Learn more.

This week’s featured participant, Metopio, provides ridiculously easy tools and curated, verified data so you can share, collaborate and make an impact.  Having indicators to measure what matters and track them over time is critical in both the short and long-term for driving change and building resiliency in communities across the country.

Metopio’s innovative products provide a vital resource to your team and community stakeholders to inform better decision-making while also reducing the burden of fielding data requests. Most importantly, Metopio’s curated data is active and shareable, unlike static dashboards that are quickly outdated and make it nearly impossible for collaborators to engage with the data on their own.

From PhDs to community members, Metopio provides a way to access and effectively use data to make the world a better place and measure your impact.