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September 19 - 22, 2021



Transformation: Forward Thinking in a Changing World


2021 UEDA Summit Speakers

Paul Umbach

Paul Umbach

Founder, Tripp Umbach

Paul Umbach founded Tripp Umbach in 1990 and serves as President overseeing a skilled team of respected and trusted consultants. Paul has a long history of demonstrated leadership and influence in the field consulting on thousands of projects for prestigious organizations across the nation and globally. His distinguished career is rooted in community assessment, market research and economic analysis.

Powered by purpose and inspired by possibility, Paul has centered his life’s work on transforming ideas into action to create impact. This commitment to community health and betterment drives his passion to empower clients and find tangible solutions for the greater good.
Deeply driven to create change and opportunity, Paul models putting innovative thought in to practice. Through his postgraduate research at Harvard University Graduate School of Design, Paul developed the field of Economic Design Thinking, using societal impact analysis as a planning tool to bring value to communities throughout the world.

Paul is a pioneer in the national “healthy community” movement completing community assessments and health improvement plans in more than 500 communities across the nation. As the leading figure nationally for academic medicine consulting, Paul advised the planning and development of more than 30 of the nation’s new medical schools. A significant achievement in itself, he has also provided consulting for more than half of all US medical schools and graduate medical education expansion programs throughout the United States. Paul has led upwards of 500 economic impact assessments for highly regarded clients such as the Association of American Medical Colleges, the Mayo Clinic, the Council of Boston Teaching Hospitals, the Ohio State University and the National Park Service.

His depth of knowledge and breadth of experience, makes Paul a sought after speaker and expert in the field. A published author and active contributor of thought leadership, Paul has presented at more than 100 state and national conferences on topics of community health, healthcare reform, economic impact and regional planning. He received the Fisher Award of Distinction from Penn State University, where he served for 8 years on Penn State’s Outreach Advisory Board.

Paul is a graduate of Harvard University, where he completed the Advanced Management Development Program with Alumni Status. He also holds a Master of Arts from the University of Akron in Geography and Regional Planning and a Bachelor of Arts from Concordia University in Geography and English Literature while completing the pre-seminary program. A lifelong learner, Paul is currently completing the Doctor of Education in Leadership in Learning Organizations at Vanderbilt University Peabody College.

An architect for positive change, Paul has built a company grounded in foundational values and an enduring commitment to community health and collective success.





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