UEDA 2021


September 19 - 22, 2021



Transformation: Forward Thinking in a Changing World


2021 UEDA Summit Speakers

Jack Manhire

Jack Manhire

Director of Partnership Development, Texas A&M University

Jack Manhire is the Director of Partnership Development for Texas A&M University. He is the former Assistant Dean and Chief of Staff for Texas A&M University’s School of Innovation and Assistant Vice President for Entrepreneurship
and Economic Development.

His scholarly work spans multiple disciplines and appears in journals such as the University of Pennsylvania Law Review, the Virginia Tax Review, the Iowa Law Review, the Florida Tax Review, the Journal of Mathematical Finance, the Journal on Policy & Complex Systems, and Acta Physica Polonica A. He has also presented at numerous
conferences on topics ranging from legal ethics and implicit bias to theoretical physics and quantitative finance.

Jack enjoys hanging out with his wife and nine children, scotch and cigars with good friends, the intersection of theology and cosmology, caring for his goats and chickens, and singing really loudly (and usually off-key) to classic rock on the car radio.





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