UEDA 2021


September 19 - 22, 2021



Transformation: Forward Thinking in a Changing World


2021 UEDA Summit Speakers

Andrew Frazier, CFA

Andrew Frazier, CFA

Founder of Small Business Pro University (SBProU)

Andrew Frazier, CFA, Founder of Small Business Pro University (SBProU), is an expert business coach, consultant, and trainer who has worked 1-on-1 with 500+ business owners and taught thousands about business.

He is the author of “Running Your Small Business Like A Pro” and “The Masterpreneur Playbook.”

His Small Business Pro (SBPro) Certification Program offered jointly with Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Rothman Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship guides entrepreneurs along the SBPro Critical Path for working ON your business. Andrew graduated from MIT in MechE, earned an MBA in Finance from NYU, and achieved the CFA professional designation.





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