University Economic Development Association

Ecosystems Design Network: What We’ve Learned So Far


Thanks to the support of the Lemelson Foundation, UEDA is piloting an Ecosystems Design Network. Ten UEDA member institutions, and nearly 100 of their ecosystem partners, are engaging in a conversation focused on the challenge of creating better connected ecosystems to support stronger and more equitable communities and regions.

How’s it going so far? Three of our UEDA member participants recently shared early learnings. Here’s some of what they had to say–hear it directly from them in the video included below:

Moving the Commonwealth of Kentucky Forward

“Working together, in partnership, without worrying about who gets the credit is the best way to move the Commonwealth of Kentucky forward.”
– George Ward, University of Kentucky

Similar Ideas

“How interconnected we already are… Many of the organizations we’re working with have similar ideas about who should participate.”
– Eddie Pauline, The Ohio State University

Users See a Cohesive Unit

“We’ve done a great job identifying the organizations and roles. It is important that we make sure the users of the ecosystem see a cohesive unit.”
– Hallie Neupert, Oregon Institute of Technology