University Economic Development Association

UEDA Regional Ecosystem Project…Get Involved!

UEDA is advancing conversations around regional ecosystems and will be seeking ecosystems to participate. UEDA members and their ecosystems will be able to join collaborative, facilitated sessions aimed at exploring and strengthening ecosystem roles, resources, and connectivity. This project will feature ongoing interactive sessions that will help you engage your ecosystem in conversations about how to better connect ecosystem participants, and how to build in responsiveness to the economic and community recovery challenges ahead. We will have a formal call for participants in the coming weeks, but are looking for some background information at this time:

  1. Unique Ecosystem Elements:  Please share any unique elements of your ecosystem. This could be structure, roles, impacts, innovations. How does it work? How does it engage and collaborate right now? Is it effective? What challenges does it have? Deadline August 31, 2020
  2. Opportunity for Consultation: To facilitate this project, UEDA seeks consultants who can facilitate sessions on ecosystem engagement. Experience in design thinking, higher education economic engagement, and ecosystem strategies is desired. If you have an interest, please submit a capacity statement. Deadline August 14, 2020.

For both of these opportunities, please limit responses to two typed pages at reasonable font sizes. Submit to Tim Hindes via email by the dates listed above with the email subject “Ecosystem Project.”

Don’t forget, we have a day at the Summit dedicated to Ecosystem conversations, as well as a special group rate for ecosystems to participate in the Summit.