University Economic Development Association

Keynote Address – Rural Institutions of Higher Education (IHEs)

Speakers: Matt Dunne – Founder and Executive Director, Center on Rural Innovation.


Innovation and tech economies are the key to rural America’s future — and rural institutions of higher education (IHEs) can play a critical role in building the ecosystems that support this work. While many rural communities have been left out of the country’s digital revolution, higher ed institutions bring the resources and expertise that can power small towns’ transition into places of tech-based opportunity.

In this conversation with Matt Dunne, founder and executive director at the Center on Rural Innovation (CORI), attendees can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the ways in which a thriving local digital economy can support the needs of institutions of higher ed:

-Accelerating tech transfer opportunities in more rural locations (including extending the geographic impact of a university or college)
-Attracting students in a competitive market
-Overcoming town-gown challenges
-Retaining faculty
-Establishing new avenues for securing grants for IP commercialization

Dunne shares how the U.S. Department of Commerce’s recently announced $3 billion spending program, Investing in America’s Communities, offers an unprecedented opportunity to accomplish this in places that had previously been denied access to 21st-century economic prosperity. Learn how when combined with existing formulas for success, these exciting, new opportunities present the chance to develop robust digital economies across rural America in a way that also elevates and strengthens local higher ed institutions.

October 12 @ 09:00
09:00 — 10:15 (1h 15′)