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Associate Dean, Tseng College

Title Associate Dean, Tseng College
Organization / Institution California State University, Northridge
City, State Los Angeles, California

CSUN’s Commitment to You

CSUN is committed to achieving excellence through teaching, scholarship, learning and inclusion. Our values include a respect for all people, building partnerships with the community and the encouragement of innovation, experimentation and creativity. CSUN strives to cultivate a community in which a diverse population can learn and work in an atmosphere of civility and respect. CSUN is especially interested in candidates who make contributions to equity and inclusion in the pursuit of excellence for all members of the university community.

About the University

One of the largest universities in the country, California State University, Northridge (CSUN) is an urban, comprehensive university that delivers award-winning undergraduate and graduate programs to nearly 40,000 students annually and counts more than 330,000 alumni who elevate Southern California and beyond. Since its founding in 1958, CSUN has made a significant and long-term economic impact on California, generating nearly $1.9 billion in economic impact and more than 11,700 jobs each year. The LAEDC recognized CSUN as its 2015 Eddy Award winner for its positive economic impact. Serving more students on Pell Grants than any other institution in California, CSUN is also a social elevator and one of the most diverse universities in the country. CSUN ranks 13th in awarding bachelor’s degrees to underrepresented minority students and seventh in bachelor’s degrees to Latino students, serves the 13th largest Jewish student population, and enrolls the largest number of students who are Deaf and hard-of-hearing of any U.S. state university. The journal Nature recently named CSUN a Rising Star for scientific research, and the NSF ranks CSUN in the top five nationally among similar institutions for graduates who go on to earn doctorates in the sciences. CSUN is where individuals rise. And through them, so does Greater Los Angeles and beyond.

About the College

CSUN’s Tseng College provides advanced professional education to undergraduate, graduate, international and midcareer students. With more than $36 million in revenue and nearly 36,000 registrations in 2018-2019, the College is a leading provider of professional degrees, certificates and custom-designed programs. Known for its premier support services, the College employs an administrative staff of more than 75 people, leading to high graduation rates — 71-88 percent for most programs in 2018-2019, with some, like the M.A. in Music Industry Administration, achieving 97 percent in 2018-2019.

The College is nationally recognized for providing programs with formats, delivery modes and locations that address the needs and constraints facing working professionals and their organizations. It works closely with businesses, communities, agencies and international partners to design and deliver programs that meet unique organizational needs and goals.

Serving more than 1,000 international students, the College provides English-language and college-preparation instruction. In addition to its tutoring services, the College specializes in programs that help international students integrate into, or more fully experience, the university. These include an intensive, year-round academic program; a semester studying at CSUN; and an immersive summer experience.

The College is also responsible for CSUN’s University Access programs, which offer classes during the winter and summer breaks, and allow non-CSUN students to attend courses for credit.

With more than 30 programs and degrees, the college provides students with an extensive range of academic and professional options. Its master’s degrees include applied behavioral analysis, assistive technology, communicative disorders, diverse community development leadership, engineering management, humanities, instructional design, knowledge management, music industry administration, public administration, public health, social work and taxation. Bachelor’s degrees include liberal studies, public sector management and nursing. Certificate programs include assistive technology applications, business administration, radiologic technology and speech-language pathology.


The Associate Dean is a key member of the senior team of the College along with the Dean and the Executive Director of the College’s Division of Business Operations and Finance and is expected to know the work of the College well and to ensure that the College works in keeping with the college’s mission, purpose, values and five-year vision.

The Associate Dean has oversight of the College’s Division of Academic Affairs. As such, the Associate Dean is responsible with the Dean and the Executive Director for moving the College forward; ensuring that the College is continuously expanding and refining core capacities; engaging the full talents of the College staff to respond to a changing array of opportunities; and ensuring that the College makes significant contributions to CSUN’s present and future in keeping with the College Five-Year Vision and yearly goals. The focus and priority of CSUN and the College is ensuring student success. The Associate Dean’s choices and strategies are expected to be crafted to foster and support student success.

The Associate Dean is also expected to work at all times in keeping with CSUN’s mission and priorities and the College’s purpose and values. The Associate Dean has primary responsibility for ensuring that the College academic policies, processes, and administrative practices are in keeping with CSUN academic policies, practices and standards, and ensuring that CSUN programs offered through the College are compliant with all requirements for accreditation, requirements at the Federal and State level, and CSU Executive Orders relevant to self-support programs, graduate, international, and mid-career education. The Associate Dean has special oversight responsibility for CSUN’s degrees, certificate programs, and credit courses offered through the College. The Associate Dean serves as the direct supervisor for the director of the College’s Graduate and Professional Education Programs and Services Unit (which manages and provides student support services, CSUN’s self-support degree, certificate programs, and executive education offerings), the manager of the College’s University Access Programs (Winter Term, Summer Session, and Open University), and the director of the College’s Student Success Pathways Programs. Working in close collaboration with the Dean, the Associate Dean also plays a central role in the development of new programs and the evolution of existing programs. The College has responsibility for CSUN’s fully-online programs whether state-funded or self-supported. The Associate Dean oversees staff members responsible for gaining and maintaining state authorization – the process required to gain the authorization required to offer fully online programs in other states within the US and, as required, in other countries.

The College helps CSUN build and maintain external relationships with a focus primarily on the broader LA urban region and surroundings. With the Dean and the College’s external relations team, the Associate Dean is expected to represent CSUN and the College at various external meetings and events regionally. Because the Dean of the College is also CSUN’s senior international officer and the College itself has a number of programs for international students and plays a significant role in international programs and partnerships development for the College and CSUN as well as having an important role in international recruitment for the College and CSUN, the Associate Dean also has a number of international duties related to current and emerging CSUN programs and partnerships; particularly those most directly linked to the College. The Associate Dean plays a lead role with the Dean, the Executive Director, and other members of the College senior staff in keeping the College fully engaged within CSUN. The Associate Dean is able to identify and advance CSUN’s current and emerging priorities, educational and research strengths and, in turn, act as a spokesperson for CSUN with a wide range of internal and external constituencies. The Associate Dean develops and maintains a close, productive, and positive working relationships with other CSUN divisions, colleges, departments, and administrative offices and with those at the CSU Chancellor’s Office with which the College regularly interacts. The Dean of the College expects staff at all levels in the College to exhibit openness, transparency, positive mutual support, a focus on the core work of the College, and to work in keeping with the College’s Mission, Purpose, and Values Statement

Decision making should always be based on what is best for CSUN, the College, and the students and communities they serve. The Associate Dean is also expected to work in keeping with CSUN’s Leadership Principles The evaluation of success in this role will be based primarily on this core work which relies heavily on exceptional professional judgment, proactive and innovative problem solving, purposeful and clever creativity in program development and management, and the ability to see and respond to internal and external patterns and trends in CSUN and higher education overall.

To request a detailed position description, contact mailto:



(1) Terminal degree in the academic field in question from a regionally accredited US university or a similarly accredited international university; (2) Suitable for a tenure track position at the rank of associate or full professor at CSUN; (3) Experience serving as department chair or member of a university committee or serving in university administrative roles; (4) Experience developing, assessing, and approving academic programs at the baccalaureate or master’s level; (5) Experience working in a large comprehensive university; (6) Possess both traditional and digital research skills that can be applied to administrative issues; (7) Demonstrated strong written English language skills.


Higher Education Experience: Significant experience working across departmental and college lines at a CSU campus. Demonstrated understanding of the role of faculty and faculty governance in a university context. Experience working with self-support programs and services. Demonstrated record of accomplishment of leadership in their field within the university and at the state and national levels. Demonstrated an understanding of the major issues facing higher education today including assessment, learning theory, student achievement, graduation rates, alternative teaching and learning strategies, online/digital learning, international education, learning outcomes. Experience with curriculum approval process in the CSU.

Management and Leadership Experience: A significant and successful record of management and leadership, including a demonstrated ability to manage large projects with a wide range of stakeholders. Demonstrated ability to work well with a wide range of individuals with diverse backgrounds, different working styles, different communication styles, and different levels of organizational abilities. Demonstrated project planning and management abilities. Ability to work in changing and demanding contexts. Demonstrated record of innovation, creative problem solving, and ability to respond to a changing array of opportunities. Ability to work effectively across disciplinary lines and lead projects that are outside their own disciplines. Experience leading teams/units and supervising staff. Ability to communicate effectively with students interested in CSUN self-support programs and guide others reporting to the Associate Dean to communicate effectively with students from diverse backgrounds including international students.

Communication, International and External Relations: This role requires the ability to communicate very effectively in a wide range of contexts. Demonstrated strong oral and written English language skills. Ability to develop and maintain strong and positive working relationships within one’s unit, university, community, and internationally. Demonstrated record of productive and positive working relationships. Possess a personality and demeanor that colleagues would find easy and pleasant to work with and count on to follow through on projects and be productive. Ability to command the respect and positive regard of students, faculty, administrators, and staff at all levels.

Financial Reasoning and Budget Management: Ability to understand the essentials of how a program or project is budgeted and priced in the context of self-support higher education. Demonstrated track record of being able to plan and manage projects that require an attention to budget. Demonstrated record of managing such budgets successfully and completing projects on time and on budget. Demonstrated ability to look at projects from the perspective of cost-effectiveness and return on investment.

Markets and Marketing: Ability to understand the essentials of developing programs, events, and service for target markets. Ability to consider market needs and demands when developing a program or service. Ability to understand the essentials of marketing. Demonstrated ability to develop and market programs, events, or services successfully.

Technical Skills: Comfortability working with the University’s primary academic and administrative technologies. Experience with online programs and services (working with online instructional programs).

Research Skills: Demonstrated record of basing decisions and choices on facts and data. Demonstrated record of seeking full and accurate information before making significant policy and process choices.

Working Style: Possess a transparent and open working style and a high level of professional integrity. Demonstrated record of setting and maintaining high professional standards for one’s self and taking personal pride and responsibility for performance excellence in all of one’s roles. Ability to be collaborative and respectful of diversity in all forms. Provide a positive model for overall professional standards and day-to-day working modes. Proven ability to make hard choices and maintain high-performance standards. Ability to recognize and cultivate talent and support and encourage strong performance. Ability to be agile and able to adapt to changing opportunities and rapid growth.

Pay, Benefits, & Work Schedule

Salary is commensurate with knowledge, skills, and experience. The University offers excellent fringe benefits. Anticipated starting hiring range: $150,000, dependent upon qualifications and experience.

To Apply   …….

Application Period

Applications received through April 30, 2020 will be considered in the initial review and review of applications will continue until position is filled.

In order to be considered in the initial review, applications must be submitted prior to the date listed above. Application submissions received after the initial review date will be reviewed at the discretion of the University.

Effective Date of Appointment: As soon as possible but no later than August 20, 2020

Candidates should apply by completing the CSUN on-line application utilizing: link. NOTE: Internal candidates should apply through the portal by accessing the View Job Openings/Apply link on the Human Resources/Employee pagelet.

For more detailed information on the application and hiring process, please visit the link below:

Background Check

This position is a sensitive position as designated by the CSU.

A background check (including a criminal records check) must be completed satisfactorily. Failure to satisfactorily complete the background check may affect the status of candidates who apply for the position.


The person holding this position will be considered a ‘limited reporter’ under the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act and is required to comply with the requirements set forth in CSU Executive Order 1083 as a condition of employment.

Conflict of Interest

This position is a “designated position” in the California State University’s Conflict of Interest Code. The successful candidate accepting this position is required to file Conflict of Interest forms subject to the regulations of the Fair Political Practices Commission.

Equal Employment Opportunity

CSUN is an Equal Opportunity Employer and prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, national origin, age, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, genetic information, medical condition, marital status, veteran status, and disability. Our nondiscrimination policy is set forth in CSU Executive Order 1096. Reasonable accommodations will be provided for applicants with disabilities who self-disclose by contacting Recruitment Services at 818-677-2101.

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