Awards of Excellence Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the UEDA Awards of Excellence.

Do we need to be a member of UEDA to nominate my initiative for an award?

Yes. The UEDA is a powerful learning community of economic development professionals. We are committed to sharing what we know and learn.  You can quickly join UEDA by visiting the membership section of our web site:

My program has just started. Can we submit a nomination? 

Nominated initiatives should be at least 24 months old by July 1, 2014. If an initiative is not yet completed, or if an initiative was started after July 1, 2012, it should have reached a stage where significant progress and actual benefits can be measured.

We submitted our initiative in the past, but did not win. Can we resubmit? 

Yes, if your initiative has not already won a UEDA Award of Excellence.

We have a number of initiatives that we would like to nominate. Can we nominate more than one? 


What does UEDA do with the nominations? Will you return our materials? 

Once you submit your materials, they become the property of UEDA, so we can share them with our members. The UEDA Awards of Excellence program accelerates the implementation of the innovations taking place on our campuses.  The Awards share and promote the excellence of our members.

What is the value of this award to my institution?

The UEDA Awards of Excellence represent the nation’s top awards for colleges and universities engaged in economic development. These peer-reviewed awards lift your program to the elite level of economic development programs in the nation. You can use your success as a Finalist or Award Winner to attract funds, students, faculty, alumni and other resources to your work. UEDA will assist you in promoting your success.

How do I nominate my program?

Simply click here and fill out a nomination form. The Awards web address is:

How are UEDA Awards distinctive?

Two major features distinguish the UEDA Awards of Excellence. First, the participants at the UEDA Annual Summit vote on the awards after presentations by the finalists. Your peers are closely evaluating your work. Second, the awards accelerate innovations in university-led economic development. We use the awards to promote the best ideas to the UEDA membership. We expect the finalists and winners to help spread their good work to other campuses.

How do the finalists make their presentations at the Annual Summit?

A significant portion of our Annual Summit is devoted to building the networks needed to accelerate innovation in university-led economic development. Each of the finalists makes a 15 minute presentation. The audience then votes on the presentations. The award winners are announced later in the UEDA Annual Summit during the Awards Ceremony. This arrangement enables finalists to spend time connecting with colleagues interested in their work.

Will UEDA help us with ideas about how to promote our initiatives? 

Yes! We have access to a number of press outlets, and we will help you write news announcements to promote your work.

Deadlines for Submission

The deadline for submitting an award nomination is May 31, 2014. Finalists will be notified by August 1, 2014. Finalist presentations and the Awards Ceremony will occur at the UEDA Annual Summit in Santa Fe, New Mexico, September 28 – October 1, 2014. For information on the Annual Summit, visit Website for Submissions You can submit your nomination for a UEDA Excellence Award here. Still have questions regarding the awards process or program? Please contact Tim Hindes at


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