Body of Knowledge

In 2013, UEDA’s Body of Knowledge (BofK) Committee was established to collect, organize, and build our common “body of knowledge,” consisting of content relative to higher education’s engagement in economic development. The UEDA Board of Directors formally approved a four-part Committee mandate to include:

1. Create Definitions and Framework

(Who are We? What are We?)

  • Establish Principles of Practice
  • Create a Taxonomy of University Economic Development Programs

Status: UEDA is pleased to announce co-publication, with our partner, APLU, of Higher Education Engagement in Economic Development: Foundations for Strategy and Practice. For APLU, this publication is part of the “Framework” series, being developed by APLU’s Commission on Innovation, Competitiveness, and Economic Prosperity (CICEP). For UEDA, it is our first significant publication, under the auspices of the Body of Knowledge (BofK) Committee, and aimed at enhancing our members’ dialogue and planning for economic engagement.

2. Organize Existing Content—The Current Body of Knowledge

(Where Are We Now?—What Do We Know Now?)

  • Organize/create an E-Library database for UEDA website

Status: As UEDA completes development of its new CRM system, the BofK Committee soon will have a new platform for addressing this agenda item.

3. Create New Content / Expand the Body of Knowledge

(Who/What are we Becoming? What Should We Be in Future? )

  • Establish monographs and/or Journal—New Research and Thought Pieces
  • Conduct survey(s) / original research conducted by UEDA

Status: The BofK Committee is working on the first issue of our new Journal of Economic Development in Higher Education.

4. Establish a Continuing Education and Certification Program

(How Do We Support Professional Development of HE/ED Practitioners?)

Status: This is a future development.






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