Transportation to Alaska


Alaska is not as hard to reach as you might think. In fact, Anchorage is within 9.5 hours flight time of 90% of the industrialized world. Listed below are average flight times from cities around the globe. Download the UEDA / Visit Anchorage travel flyer for more information here.

Average Flight Times and Estimated Round Trip Airfare to Alaska

Atlanta – 7 hours  – Est. Airfare from $726
Boston – 9.5 hours – Est. Airfare from $484
Chicago – 6 hours – Est. Airfare from  $671
Dallas – 6 hours – Est. Airfare from $693
Denver – 5 hours – Est. Airfare from $726
Detroit – 6 hours – Est. Airfare from $697
Honolulu – 5 hours – Est. Airfare from $580
Houston – 6.5 hours – Est. Airfare from $694
Los Angeles – 5 hours – Est. Airfare from $380
Minneapolis – 5.25 hours – Est. Airfare from $728
Miami – 10 hours – Est. Airfare from $646
Newark – 8 hours – Est. Airfare from $732
New York City – 8 hours – Est. Airfare from $547
Philadelphia – 7 hours – Est. Airfare from $640
Phoenix – 5.5 hours – Est. Airfare from $443
Pittsburgh – 6.5 hours – Est. Airfare from $670
Portland – 3.25 hours – Est. Airfare from $628
Salt Lake City – 4.5 hours – Est. Airfare from $557
San Francisco – 4.5 hours – Est. Airfare from $542
Seattle – 3 hours – Est. Airfare from $495
St. Louis – 6.5 hours – Est. Airfare from $472
Washington, D.C. – 9 hours – Est. Airfare from $670


Special Discount from Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is pleased to offer Annual Summit attendees a 7% discount off of all published fares between Anchorage and any Alaska Airlines US city. This discount is valid for travel between September 20 – October 4, 2015. To take advantage of your discount, go to, click on “Advanced Search”, enter your origin/destination city and travel dates, enter Discount Code ECMA225 and click on “Find Flights”. All eligible flights will display for you to choose from. Click here to download a PDF with more information. 

What to Pack

Dress in layers

It may be the warmest day of summer, but if you spend it standing on a glacier or out on the water, you may need to adjust to conditions. Weather conditions can vary greatly in Southcentral Alaska, and it doesn’t hurt to start the day prepared for change. Alaska is a pretty casual place; so bring comfortable clothes. Jeans, khakis, sweaters, sweatshirts and t-shirts are fine. If you plan to visit in winter, a warm coat, knit hat and gloves will keep you toasty. Bring a raincoat; while Anchorage averages less than 3 inches of rain in each summer month, it never hurts to be prepared.

Comfortable shoes are a plus

If you plan to explore, there more than 135 miles of paved trails inside the city. If you plan to hike, a good pair of boots isn’t a bad idea either. There are hundreds of mile of hiking trails in Chugach State Park and beyond.

Check cell service

If you have a phone through any domestic cell carrier, you should have no problem getting service in Anchorage. Keep in mind that coverage isn’t as reliable in remote areas of Alaska, so make sure to let someone know where you’ll be and how long you’ll be gone before starting any adventures in the bush.

Field eyes

Want to spot moose? Whales? Eagles? Bears? Think about bringing a pair of binoculars. Odds are when you see animals in Alaska, they’ll be much closer than you ever imagined. Still, a pair of binoculars is a great way to view wild animals while giving them plenty of room.

No worries if you leave something sitting on the table at home by mistake. Anchorage’s outdoor outfitters, clothing stores and shops have you covered. You’ll find the same kind of grocery stores, pharmacies and retail shops you would at home. Most important of all, make sure to bring the camera and plenty of memory for photos; with so much do see, and so many places to explore, you won’t find better photos anywhere else.

Traveling through Canada – Customs

Driving to Alaska takes you through some beautiful areas of Canada, and through customs. Before you pull up to the border crossing, be prepared for Canada’s requirements. Find detail online at the Canada Border Services Agency website.

Proof of Citizenship

As of June 1, 2009, a passport or visa is required to enter Canada. For U.S. citizens, a valid U.S. passport, passport card or NEXUS card satisfies these requirements.


Each vehicle should have a registration and proof of insurance. If you are not driving your own vehicle, bring along an authorization letter from the owner.


Check out the Canadian Firearms Center website to find basic information about bringing a firearm, or other items regulated by the Firearms Act, into Canada.


Household dogs and cats must have a current rabies vaccination certificate from a veterinarian. This certificate is not required for seeing-eye dogs or puppies and kittens under three months old.


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