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Keep our organizational momentum moving forward, and increase the value of your UEDA membership by joining a UEDA committee. UEDA offers opportunities for members to serve on a variety of organizational committees. Through these committees, members help advance our profession, contribute to organizational growth, and collaborate with peers from around the country. Please take a look at the committees below and click on the button to let us know which of these great committees you’re interested in joining.

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Awards of Excellence Committee

The Awards of Excellence Committee is the lead on developing and managing the Awards of Excellence program.  The Awards are one of the most exciting aspects of the UEDA as they generate competitive peer reviewed applications from the UEDA membership with winners being announced each year at the Annual summit.  The Committee is able to base their work on the prior year’s process, application materials and selection criteria in order to operate this committee in an efficient fashion.

Professional & Organizational Growth & Scholarship (POGS) Committee

The POGS Committee is working to develop a stronger value proposition for UEDA membership by providing information and resources to advance higher education-related economic development.  The Committee is looking at providing information that allows members to better understand and develop economic development programming and activities.  This information can also support the development of a set of higher education focused economic development principles that all institutions can adopt.

Development Committee

The Development Committee will work with UEDA staff to identify opportunities to attract financial support for the Association that would leverage existing membership dues and Summit revenues.  The Committee will evaluate the opportunity to attract sponsors, advertisers and the pursuit of grant funding to support the activities proposed by the other committees and staff.

Membership & Marketing Committee

The Membership & Marketing Committee is charged with working with UEDA Board and staff to promote higher education-related economic development and the work of the Association.  The Committee will identify venues to promote the Association and members messages, develop content for internal and external publications, tailor marketing messages to core stakeholder audiences and provide press and other media support.  The Committee may also be called upon to share resources to develop UEDA content (i.e. video, webinar etc). The committee supports a full range of Membership activities including assessment of existing membership benefits, due structures and membership types.  The Committee will also serve as point on recruitment and welcoming of new members.  Finally the committee will also work with staff to conduct a minimum of an annual membership survey to gauge satisfaction of the Association and to design future direction.  This activity should include activities that support additional participation from staff at member organizations.

Summit Planning Committee

The Summit Planning Committee works to present the Annual Summit and attract a top level group of speakers and participants. The Planning Committee may develop a Summit theme, conduct a call for speakers, and outreach to potential keynote speakers.  The Planning Committee also leads the recruitment of sponsors and exhibitors for the Summit to support adequate revenue generation from the Summit.


Board Nominating Committee

The Board Nominating Committee is comprised of existing Board members and charged with providing opportunities for UEDA members to play a leadership role in the operations of the Association.  During the year they identify and respond to interest from members who are interested in serving on the Board.  The Committee is responsible for presenting a slate of Board nominations 60 days prior to the next Annual Business Meeting and for managing the ballot process at the meeting.

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